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pete_townshend_tinnitusOur Senior Audiologist, Gemma Twitchen, was invited onto the BBC Breakfast sofa to discuss what tinnitus sounds like, how it can be avoided and how best to cope if the condition is affecting your life. The cell protein they have identified could have a host of applications even in other parts of the body. They appeared about once or twice a year and got worse towards the end – the last one “flattened” me for about 12h with a few days recovery after that. “This has profound implications for the understanding and treatment of tinnitus, as we now know it is not encoded like normal sound, and may not be treatable by just targeting a localized part of the hearing system,” adds study co-leader Phillip Gander, PhD, postdoctoral research scholar in the UI Department of Neurosurgery. Cloud will tend to build through the day, but it should stay dry, with light winds. STANDARD 08:09 dressing for breakfast Tony Snell, BBC Radio Merseyside Producer Steve Coleman and I thought we’d make an effort today with our attire. As a result, they might be referred for a cochlear implant device – surgically implanting a device to directly stimulate the inner ear – and aimed to improve sound generation to the brain via the acoustic nerve.

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Get in touch on Twitter. STANDARD 08:16 Borini move breaks down Striker Fabio Borini’s £10m move from Liverpool to QPR broke down on transfer deadline day because the Italian could not agree personal terms. A common medical symptom in which ear of a person hears ringing sound persistently can come from a slew of different problems such as disease or injuries, said medical experts. TWEET 08:23 Inconsiderate parking near schools Cheshire Police tweets: Inconsiderate parking near to schools is a regular complaint. Please keep children safe. Tinnitus is the hearing of sound when no external sound is present. Herald Sports’ SWPL Team of 2015.

Tony Snell, BBC Radio Merseyside Are you finding yourself saying pardon a little more often than you used to? It’s Hearing Awareness Month and approximately four million of us have an undiagnosed hearing problem that could do with being checked. There’s no doubt my hearing has suffered for all the years wearing headphones as a presenter, but what about you, have you noticed it’s getting tougher to hear conversations? we found that these correlates of tinnitus were present throughout a huge proportion of the brain areas we sampled,” Dr Sedley told BBC News. Get in touch via Facebook. STANDARD 08:44 Celebrating 40 years of Dale Farm Marc Gaier, BBC Radio Merseyside I’m at Dale Farm in Heswall, which works with people with learning difficulties. we found that these correlates of tinnitus were present throughout a huge proportion of the brain areas we sampled,” Dr Sedley told BBC News.

Listen to BBC Radio Merseyside for more. STANDARD 08:57 news on the hour Giulia Bould, BBC Radio Merseyside A public consultation starts today on proposals to build a renewable energy plant in Knowsley.

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