Cathy O’brien -Trance Formation of America, page 3

Cathy O'brien -Trance Formation of America, page 3

Its none of thoughs. I took xanax for 9 years and while I can’t say anyone on this post has been deceitful I do feel compelled to tell you (without sounding dramatic or commerce) that I have lost 5 friends to drinking and taking xanax. This is the only way for a patient to be protected against marijuana laws and to be saved from prosecution in the eyes of the law. BTA supports research – not yet complete. It’s like a steady hum (. There is a global snuff- kiddie porn- slave trade, that boggles the mind when confronted with it, but it exists and what O’Brien speaks of is possible. The next strangest thing is that when I imported holosync stuff into the program and played it I can hear the pulses very clearly .

Cathy O'brien -Trance Formation of America, page 3
No advertisements. The links above to the Rigorous Intuition articles are interesting to point out again as well, as O’Brien was right about Cheney’s ‘big’ secret. Bill Bennet she called a sadist, who just so happened to be one. It turns out Scooter Libby like to write about some sick stuff as well. Funding and support for research will have to come from us. I am satisfied that I chosen natural methods for getting cure from my illness. Hospital fees, tests, doctor’s fees, etc, etc.

The doctors say it won’t… ..Though the immediate reaction of most people to Cathy’s story is one of revulsion and disbelief, those instinctual responses are consistently challenged once they have come face-to-face with her. My husband told me that every night he prays that my vision will be healed. Headache 1975; 15: 51-62. I’ve been examined by top level specialists: neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and ophthalmologists. Instead of finding a delusional, attention-seeking con artist, they discover an enlightened spirit who does not crave anything but the innate beauty of human contact. Stiefelhagen P.

The second documentation package contained the following: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A color photograph taken of an eye under a slit lamp, with the note that this showed the damage to Cathy’s eye. did it become better? 5.