December | 2010 | The Morning After

December | 2010 | The Morning After

Sunday Roast 3.6.16 – with Special Guest Professor Rex Dart (Bargain DJ Collective Las Vegas) The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning Lou Reed – Vicious Adam & The Ants – Beat My Guest Tenpole Tudor – The Swords of a Thousand Men Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (Acoustic) Talking Heads – Swamp The Toasters – ABC’s Laurel Aitken – Haile Selassie Charles Sheffield – It’s Your Voodoo Working Little Willie John – I’m Shakin’ Chuck Womack & The Sweet Souls – Ham Hocks and Beans Bobby Allen and the Exceptions – Soul Chicken Little Eva – Let’s Turkey Trot Winfield Parker – Shake That Thing Derrick Harriott – Eighteen With A Bullet The New Waves – I Melt With You The Primitives – The Ostrich The Velvet Underground – I Can’t Stand It David Bowie – White Light/White Heat Iggy Pop – Fall In Love With Me Television – Little Johnny Jewel Acapulco Radio – Nightclubbing The Dynamics – Walk On The Wild Side Maggie Thrett – Soupy The Chants – Dick Tracy Wild Thing – Old Lady The Fabulous Wailers feat Little Gail Harris – I Idolize You Jean Jacques Perrey – E.V.A. Firstly, I was invited down by Slim Estrada who plays the slide guitar on my song ‘Vodka’ on the album. Looks awesome, right? He tours extensively, plays weekly Wednesday night gigs at the Continental Club whenever he’s back home in Austin, and re-recorded “We Can’t Make It Here,” with Steve Earle and Joan Baez contributing vocals, as his standout contribution to last year’s four-disc Occupy This Album collection. Outlined below are the leading 10 very best things to do in this city.Design: The audio bar of the Sony HTCT100 is a small smaller than other designs in the market, measuring at just two.seventy five x two.six x 31.five inches. 1983: I argued with Ben Fishman that what’s THIS for…! These dudes just released a new EP All In My Head and my goodness is it delish.

It’s also good for the ideas pot, you could hear something that will just make your mix work. white line are those like aircon’s , washing machine, refrigerator’s etc. 39 Pathophysiology One of the possible mechanisms relies on otoacoustic emissions. Maybe then? Alyx was a doll and got me TWO records… and I guess she reads the blog as she knew that one of my great misses of 2010 was being slow to the resurgence of the Deftones. She said she was going to try and track Around the Fur down for me, but no dice. How have your styles evolved as a result of that?

December | 2010 | The Morning After
My man Jon Williams talked far more eloquently on his Top 10 of 2010 than I will here as I am still new to the record and learning the songs. I sometimes get bummed out when people assume it’s misogynistic (like men can’t be sluts). Occupational hearing challenges are widespread amid people who operate with very loud equipment or in a Live Music natural environment. Vega wasn’t expecting this, but he asked for a week to talk it out with his wife and square things away with his kids back in New York. I saw a specialist in the treatment of pain hit me with Percocet (oxycodin). Got home at 1am and had to leave to move to RI at 3am. And yes they kick ass here.

The Flying Lotus and James Blake will be good electronic music in the lounge for the nights when I feel more modern and less classics. Maybe LCD Soundsystem has a party rocker or two that can go in a progressive dance set and Sleigh Bells will live in the indie/eclectic playlist for now… but we’ll see with repeat listens where they end up. In other words, there’s nuance, thoughtfulness, and, yep, that thing called musicality. In fact… this is a 45 I want to find too. There’s a lot more melody and ambiance here than on any other Cynic album, not to mention more female vocals. I suppose in Coral’s defence, she might have been 16 when the first one came out? Vicodin induced tinnitus also something that can be reversed if the person stops taking this medicine?

Far more details. Go on-demand video! I searched for the song on iTunes, but no dice… some more searching and I found it by a singer named Joanna. That’s it, that’s her stage name… back to branding school for her… or American idol? or whatever, but the song sure enough is on there. So I downloaded it. And its terrible, not in a good way.

Doh, that .99 gone to the Itunes monster.