Doctor Horror Stories

Doctor Horror Stories

I thought I would tackle the issues of advanced maternal age in two parts. Some 30 million adults suffer from persistent tinnitus (it can also affect children). The speakers were so loud that anything other than a blow horn could not be heard. In my youth (ages 8-14), I had WARTS. I was in the ”pit” for about an hour watching two bands before I left. No nothing. For me, the tinnitus itself isn’t bothersome (it is bearable, at least)- it is the thought of distress and sadness that comes across my mind when I think about it or hear the word that gets to me- I hate being at home now!

4) sesame seeds: sesame seeds are rich in zinc and has been used in Oriental. Please share your thoughts on it. If there is a treatment that really works, I’m sure we’ll hear about it here on Tinnitus Talk. In a couple of days, I was sicker than I had ever been. They include military veterans (one of fastest-growing groups of people with tinnitus), musicians, construction workers, and people like me, who never did anything more than go to concerts and listen to music too loud. conditions laid. So, maybe I had a virus or something?

I went to a homeopath; she took me off gluten without a screen. Because there is no cure for tinnitus, and because so many are bothered by it, there is the potential for many exaggerated claims regarding possible new treatments. Homeopath tests came back positive for 30/40 different food allergies. My body then started rejecting everything. If you are in the loop, tinnitus seems so strong that it is like a tiger in the â € Room “that damn near impossible not seem to pay attention to it. Begged to go to Boston, he only ran more blood tests. Called and said everything looks great!

You are fine! Seriously? High-frequency pulsed electromagnetic energy in tinnitus treatment. Finally my ANA came back high.. He sent me to a rhuemy said it was all related… Test after test for lupus she said it was inconclusive but had nothing to do with my stomach issues…wtf?? My father found me one day on the couch close to unresponsive, he thought I was dying, he picked me up and rushed me to the ER. Let your doctor know that you have been told by a physician that you have tinnitus.

there told me, “I don’t know what you are doing here, or what you think I can do for you.”. the next time the sound is heard, your mind will respond automatically. He was implicated in a drug investigation involving Barry and a room at Washington’s Ramada Inn in December 1988. Ran tests, came up with nothing. mines been around nearly 4 months and there still saying it wont stick around! Thank god!!!! I got an appt and my pcp denied the referral.

WHAT????? So the inflammation is not necessary equal to permanent damage, right? I lost it…took my life in my own hands and kept that appointment. Explained my situation to the new GI, chose a new pcp and saved my own life. New docs all treated me like a human. My head issues cleared mid 2015. I’m still in hell, but now I can see the light.

But a new study suggests that surgery of chronic filled caves can overlook people breathing and better sleep aid for people with sleep apnea. I had already left the practice. I laughed and said are you kidding? I have also since had a carotid duplex doppler, which indicated an increase in bloodflow/turbulence through one of the arteries in my neck (right side, which is most affected by PT). I first visited the Doctor when I collapsed at work in extreme acute pain (think appendix) when I was about 19 (approx 1996). Not at all!!! In 2004 I was finally referred to specialist and diagnosed with IBS.

As long as you eat pure organic whole foods, take care of yourself, and give your body the tools it needs to heal itself, your body can do the rest. Make two marks with a sterile marker: first, mark the spot where the etonogestrel implant will be inserted, and second, mark a spot a few centimeters proximal to the first mark (Figure 2). Was kept in for a week whilst the gynecologist and gastro doctors both pointed at each other (that was weird). All the while they were feeding me hospital food with gluten so I got to the point where I could not get out of bed, drink or eat for several days (was on a drip). Suddenly locked in one ear medications that cause buzzing noise in treatments for tinnitus. I looked a bit like a corpse. Finally someone ran a blood test and bingo – a biopsy a few months later confirmed it.

So over 16 years after me presenting with the very scary symptoms, and making plans to gradually leave work due to sickness (at the age of 34), I finally got diagnosed. From late 2007-late 2010, I tried to find out why I was in so much debilitating pain and dropping weight so quickly. There are many causes of tinnitus, but if you suffer from it through circumstances that were not your fault (for example loud noise at work) then you may be able to make a tinnitus claim for compensation. because I could not eat or keep anything in me. My entire GI tract BURNED from mouth to rectum and even water burned doing down. One doctor told me “congratulations on your weight loss”.Another said I needed to “do volunteer work to get my mind off it all.” (I could not even dress myself or tie my shoes)Another encouraged me to work out at a gym. I tried but kept feeling faint on the treadmill and then, my legs and back went numb.I heard “it’s just menopause”, fibromyalgia, the catch-all “IBS and GERD””…and my favorite, “it’s just stress” because my father had just died.I was offered more drugs than you can imagine: pain meds, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, sleep meds, antacids, thyroid meds I did not need —and even sent to a psychiatrist– to get me to shut up and leave the office.

Drugs made my already ripped up gut worse and so I did not take them. The infographic migraines with 4 levels and natural holistic healing. I had difficulty remembering how to cook, balance a checkbook and drive my car, and I suffered insomnia, sores, burning skin, and severe burning neuropathy, numbness, parasthesia and weakness. I banged into walls and tripped down stairs, becoming covered in bruises. I was propped on the toilet when I was passing everything and washed down with cold clothes to keep me conscious. I had horrid joint, bone and muscle pain, pelvic floor pain, and kidney and liver pain. I was unable to walk the length of my driveway without gasping for breath, acquiring anemia, losing my hair.

I was unable to walk, stand, lie down or stand without agonizing pain. No doctor could tell me what was wrong. So, let’s assume that you have tinnitus caused by hearing loss, or some other unexplainable condition. Our life came to a stand still as my husband watched helplessly while I went downhill. I forced myself to keep moving so my muscles would not atrophy as my buttocks and muscles wasted. However, there is little evidence about which treatment works best. I’ve always known something wasn’t right.

Everybody always seemed healthier, energetic, happier than me. I have weird issues that nobody can explain. Depression, anxiety…they threw pills at me for that. My skin sometimes hurts in a weird tingly ice cold pins and needles way, and I get weird rashes on my scalp that make me look like I’m scratching at lice bugs. I can’t remember things.They did some tests but nothing came of it (terrified me half to death when they scanned for brain tumors). Who cares if this 21 year old has joint pain? It’s just inflammation, take it easy, take some more pills, and it will go away.

I got labelled a hypochondriac. I was making it up. Many people with tinnitus hears the ringing in the ears classic. June 26, 1964. I was anxious all the time, and I was hospitalized for severe inflammation in my chest that had me on bed rest for 2 weeks. Then I started getting ‘actually’ sick. In a way that counts, I guess.

Up at 3 am, going to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Getting incredibly nauseous after eating. If you opt for this, research benzodiazepene withdrawal syndrome and make an informed decision. Finally my doctor figured shit out. Countless tests later, and he set up an appointment to talk about the results. They gave him some breathing stuff to calm his lungs down and then the nurse brought in this wonky looking pain medicine. That is not important to me for some reason.
Doctor Horror Stories

Yeah, big clue that they have absolutely no idea. So I refused the drug – the last thing my son needed was severe stomach pain on top of the breathing issues. Then the doctor came in and proceeded to give us a 15 minute lecture about how I need to trust more and my son needs to be less anxious – he even managed to quote Reagan in his little speech. I confronted him on the fact that this seemed to be about questioning the gluten, and he denied it, but you could tell by his “speech” that it was all about him feeling the need to get us sorted out. This was my first run in with a medical person who had this opinion toward celiac, and I have huge compassion for those who have to deal with attitudes like this all the time. Growing up, I was diagnosed with IBS many times. Also lots of ovarian pain and skin problems.

One dermatologist had me on tetracyclene every day for YEARS to clear up redness around my mouth and nose. I know I am suffering effects of that.I remember one specific point in my early twenties where my stomach issues were so bad I could barely leave the house. Step 10. He also prescribed me heavy meds which I didn’t take. I did have warts on my hands and feet off and on growing up and into my early twenties. Tinnitus cancer after treatment with cranial irradiation and chemotherapy. Now when I get glutened, I go into IMMEDIATE depression mode.

It’s amazing. I know I’m getting better when my mind clears and I am happy again. Right before my diagnosis, I was having major bladder pain. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis but only by the questionnaire, not by a chemical test. It seems that my bladder issues only flare up when I am glutened, so I am not sure about whether it’s a celiac symptom or true IC. Years of being miserable, too sick to hardly do anything but drag myself to work and lay on the couch. Constant pain, vomiting, weight loss, GI bleeding, the list goes on and on.

What 24 year old girl should be living on a diet of baby food and applesauce because she can’t keep anything else down?After being tested for celiac about 5 different times and it being negative for some unknown reason it finally came back positive!! Also they did genetic testing that showed I had genetic mutations that made me prone to celiac. Been on gluten free since September now and feel so much better. But, once the doctors saw I was better, they said “see ya”; call us if you get sick again. I went from seeing my doctors more often than my boyfriend to “call us if you get sick”? I remember clearly when my GI doctor diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. I asked him for some help with the gluten-free diet.

He had his nurse xerox some antiquated and hopelessly simplistic list of foods to avoid. It was maybe a list of 10 things that included: noodles, bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, pies, crackers, etc. Gee, thanks a lot, that’s a BIG help.Then I saw a “dietitian” in town who didn’t have a clue about the gluten-free diet, nor what Celiac disease was. Wasted $300 on her. The medical people I saw, including the doctor who diagnosed me, were useless. I was referred to a dietitian who didn’t know much about Celiac, aside from a xeroxed sheet of things she “thought” I “might” be able to eat that some other patient had left.Truth is, if it weren’t for the Internet and a few good books, I don’t know what I would’ve done. The medical people I’ve seen have been ridiculous.

Most doctors don’t learn much about it in med school and there are no pharma reps hawking cures for it, so they don’t understand it. After countless trips to the ER, several days admitted to the hospital, 2 months of constant vomiting & diarrhea, 3 sets of xrays, catscan, ultrasound, and blood work constantly…all at a prestigious pediatric teaching hospital…my once robust, then failure to thrive, almost 2 year old was diagnosed by ME, because I got sick of every doc telling me it was a virus and give it time and lots of calories, maybe a big stick of bread.Any more time, and any more bread and my baby would’ve been dead. When I was a kid NOBODY (well, almost nobody) had a clue about Celiac. Especially my doctors. My mom read about Celiac in a magazine article written by Dr. Benjamin Spock when I was a very sick baby. The symptoms she saw matched exactly with what was written by Dr.

Spock. She asked my pediatrician about the possibility of Celiac, and I’ll paraphrase what she was told, based on conversations with her. This would be in 1961. “Now, now, Celiac is only seen in third world children, you know, colored kids. “School Board Elects Barry As President”. So stop worrying your pretty little head about it and go home and enjoy being a mommy!”She gave me a rice formula which stopped the symptoms, and I got better. I stayed better until at the age of 14, I started having diarrhea a lot.

By the time I was 16 I went into the hospital. By this point if I ate anything ten minutes later it had passed through undigested. My doctor (the one I pooed on, ha ha) had given up and told my mom he was going to take out my colon and leave me with an ostomy. Mom said “Hell NO!” and ten minutes later I was in the car heading home.Another doctor in another hospital did a biopsy and diagnosed Celiac. My mom then remembered the Dr. Spock article and became upset at herself, because she had figured it out already, but the patronizing pediatrician convinced her it wasn’t Celiac.Since then, I’ve had doctors suggest I try eating gluten to see if the Celiac had gone away. I’ve also been told I don’t look like a Celiac, whatever that means.

My husband got hepatitis 20 years ago. That would have really sucked. Looking back over the years, I can see clearly now that I have lived with undiagnosed celiac for literally my entire life, which is more than 3 and less than four decades, but who is counting? As a teen I went through rigorous testing, all with no results. As a young adult I had a period where I felt “sort of” healthy, or at least the healthiest I’ve ever felt, and rarely thought about my health.Through all of this, I thought that my most persistent symptoms were normal, were how life are supposed to be. Finally, a year ago and as a complete accident I was diagnosed with celiac by biopsy when I had emergency surgery for something (seemingly) unrelated. I may have had my faith renewed in doctors if a doctor had somehow put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Instead, a doctor put a scope in me to save my life, and went “HOLY CRAYOLA!” when he saw my guts. My completely useless gallbladder saved my life, not doctors. I spent over 13 years under the care of a doctor who got very insulted if I dare challenge his opinions. Generally, these enlarged follicles disappear spontaneously. It became so concerning that I pleaded with him for help and was only looked at as if I were crazy. My mom could see I was suffering and challenged him on his diagnosis of ” anxiety.” He retorted, ” There is NOTHING wrong with her. She needs some anxiety medication, to eat more, and a good massage.

The tummy ache? It’s just A LITTLE TUMMY ACHE! If you don’t agree with me and don’t like my medical opinion, you can go elsewhere.”well, that LITTLE TUMMY ACHE turned out to be Celiac disease! I went 6 more years destroying my body without even realizing. I experienced worsening symptoms of iritis ( temporarily lost sight in my left eye) Dermititis herpetiformis rash, chronic bruising, impaired swallowing reflex, gasping for air, extreme weight loss from 125 pounds down to 100 pounds in 1.5 months, dark circles under eyes, brittle hair/nails, excruciating stomach pain, etc and chronic sinus infections. The doctor was finally fed up and told me I looked anorexic and ” needed to eat more.” He put me on a high powered antibiotic which unknown to me, would later come with a black box warning. As soon as a I took the drug, it was like a bomb went off in my body.

I would wake up and have the pain of having my arms sawed off. Every nerve and muscle in my body was on fire. Muscle twitching, spasms, more weight loss, heavy night sweats. I thought I was dying. In fact, I was; slowly but surely. The only one in the medical community who helped me, turned out to be the eye doctor who saw me for the iritis. He told me that iritis is seen in people with auto-immune disorders and that i had a diseased system.

That is mostly because I find it hard to deal with the fact that I was undiagnosed for over 20 years, maybe 20 more. I ‘had’, among other things, stress (normal for students, apparently), ulcers, migraines, violent vile vomiting, D, wheat addiction, allergy to alcohol, seseme, caffeine, quorn, wheat. Increased weight, anxiety, depression, unexplained rashes, failure to heal from whiplash or carpel tunnel symptoms, recurrent miscarriage.Tough one to spot there. One dietitian once said she was surprised I had never been tested for celiac, but apparently not surprised enough to send me for testing or mention it to my doctor. I’ve had my share of problematic, egocentric and ignorant doctors. From the first GI who diagnosed me with Celiac Disease (which was correct) but telling me I could cheat whenever I felt like it. Then another GI who told me that I had “mild Celiac Disease” and that my Celiac Disease support group was filled with “paranoid” people.Then ANOTHER GI who told me that I was being “paranoid” and that I needed “psychiatric evaluation.” And my general doctor who told me that some of these health problems might be “psychological.” Well, it turned out after all these doctors said these things that my antibodies were still very elevated and I was very ill.

But I had to be making it all up, right? I’m just one of those “hysterical, paranoid” types. And I think it’s even worse for women to be taken seriously. I finally have a great GI but wow, did I have to jump through hoops to get there! It took me a good 3 years to be properly diagnosed. In the meantime, I was mis-diagnosed plenty of times. Doctors tried to put me on all kinds of medication.

Powerful meds that we totally unnecessary.Even after being diagnosed, I asked my GI doctor if I needed any follow-up care. She said “Nope! Just eat gluten-free and you’ll be fine.” Not true. I have been sick since I was a child and had no idea I was allergic to gluten. As an adult, my doctors have ignored me while I’ve wasted countless hours and dollars at appointments and on testing/procedures only for them to tell me it’s all in my head. C1. I endure horrible symptoms and mostly don’t leave my house.