Does Film ‘Me Before You’ Promote Assisted Suicide?

Does Film 'Me Before You' Promote Assisted Suicide?

Alex Schadenberg By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Supreme Court of Canada has made an activist decision giving physicians the right in law to cause the death of people by euthanasia and assisted suicide. We were the progressive voice in Massachusetts that helped defeat the assisted suicide ballot question in 2012, and again in the legislature last year. But this bill is not about giving patients the right to die but about giving physicians the right to kill. Examples of this are incurable disease or severe, lifelong mental illness. And when, later, families said what a good fight they put up, my instinct was that the patient was fighting to be allowed to let go peacefully. And for good reason. I often felt that they were being urged to “keep fighting” when in fact they were quite ready to give up.
Does Film 'Me Before You' Promote Assisted Suicide?

Official figures show that 13 patients suffering from mental illness were euthanized in 2011; by 2013 this number had risen to 42 patients. She spends six months taking him to concerts, horse races, and tropical getaways, hoping to show him that life as a quadriplegic is still worth living. We may wish for the dead to rest in peace, but we cannot know whether a person who does not exist in the world is at peace or not. But Kristina Eberle of United Families International said diagnostic errors might lead some who are not dying to take their own lives, and others might only want to end their lives for the sake of their families. The survivors chose hope and did not permit anything to assail their inner dignity. Not by all and not completely, of course, but by many and in part. ‘Body shaming should be made illegal’: Ferne McCann slams online trolls on This Morning as she says cruel taunts ‘hurt her’ She’s been criticised.

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