Health Issues Side Effects of using Headphones and Earphones – Trends and Health

Health Issues Side Effects of using Headphones and Earphones - Trends and Health

Middle ear infection (otitis media). Some people call it a pimple inside ear, others just a lump. Plus, they’re a savior when you are feeling antisocial and introverted AF. He was diagnosed with serous otitis media (middle ear infection). Next time make sure that you don’t share your earphones with anyone. Another problem arises when people use earphones not only for listening to music, but also for eliminating the surrounding noise in bed to sleep at night or in transportation systems such as bus and metro train. And I do it also in order to remain discrete and not to disturb people around me”, Yvan Irakiza points out.

This sound should not exceed 90 decibels. When you use headphones or earphones, the direct audio goes into your ears. If you or your child has an earache that is accompanied (in some cases) by a stuffy or runny nose and a sore throat and fever, it is likely that the ear pain is due to an ear infection. All those who wear earphones and headphones are at higher risk of hearing loss and even complications in hearing. If the volume goes above this, it impacts hearing. They didn’t last very long before they split and came off. Are your earphones or headphones your personal?

Health Issues Side Effects of using Headphones and Earphones - Trends and Health
Just be sure to let the earphones dry completely before using them again. Well, we all once in a while share our earphones and headphones with friends and family. That’s the difference between the noise made by a vacuum cleaner and the sound of a motorbike. Bacteria from ears of different people can easily travel through your headphones. plus the people in my class and the girls said I would look quite good. Let it sit for 10 minutes then wipe clean using a cotton swab dipped in warm water. But with decent audio experience comes health risks.

To remove the ugly ear pimple it is necessary to use special cosmetics designed specifically for young skin. It’s recommended you change the rubber or sponge cover of your headphones every 2-3 months mainly because they tend to get covered with germs and bacteria over time. If your eardrum has ruptured without your knowledge, exercising could worsen the condition. Their hearing abilities get numb for a while and then comes back to normal. This numbness of hearing can be dangerous and lead to deafness. But people who are daily users of Bluetooth, headphones and earphones have been found more prone to brain related problems. However, no strong medical evidence has yet been found to prove it.

4. Recently, the number of accidents have increased with people using earphones or headphones were involved. Car accidents, Road Accidents and even train accidents involving people using headphones or earphones have increased with an alarming rate. One cannot hear the honks, and thus become victims of some unfortunate accidents. And the Grado’s I have used all do this. I am sure, after knowing all the bad effects and health hazards of using earphones and headphones, you must be scared, but still you don’t want to let your favourite audio gadget go. Here are some simple tips to save your ears and all the bad effects of using Headphones and earphones.

We don’t encourage watching TV while listening to the session. If your symptoms aren’t clearing, go back to your GP. Avoid sharing your earphones/headphones with others. Make sure you change the sponge cover/ rubber cover of your headphones/earphones once a month. If your earphones/headphones doesn’t have sponge covers, make sure you sanitize them. Do not use earphones/headphones when you are travelling by car, train, metro or even walking. No loud music ever when you use earphones/headphones.