Is this a labyrinthitis epidemic???? – Inner Ear Disorders Message Board

Is this a labyrinthitis epidemic???? - Inner Ear Disorders Message Board

Had a hearing test, my hearing levels are fine, went to see the specialist, which was more like a counselling session, basically there’s nowt that can be done, so keep doing what I’m doing and mask it best I can. I am absolutely new, having spent a couple of hours digging through the inner ear disorders section. I do run a fan at night to help me drown it out and sleep. This muffled hearing is a sign that you have had the volume too loud for too long. Migraine. Smoking can lead to tinnitus by causing a narrowing of the blood vessels that supply the inner ear. Ear infections or eardrum rupture.

I made a doctors appointment that day and was told by my doctor that I may have an inner ear virus. I feel pretty much the same no matter what position my head or body is in), and unlike some of you here, I don’t feel sick nor light-headed nor is my hearing affected in any way. Not to put a time line on it, but I have heard several stories where after a year, people are almost back to normal. This illness has really impacted my life as you all know. Menieres perhaps fits the symptoms as well, but I don’t experience vertigo just light headedness sort of dizziness, I haven’t experienced any ‘fullness of the ear’ and it doesn’t come on in severe attacks from any food or light trigger which looks to be the usual case with MD. I’m SOOOO grateful I don’t have this dizziness in a severe form and really feel for other people who do. Al, When I was in the ER I had a lot of blood drawn for testing so I’m assuming that testing for Lyme’s Disease is pretty standard as far as blood testing goes.

With regard to Ginkgo…I have actaully been taking it pretty regularly since my first episode last year. Originally Posted by hutchy82 Hi, I dont often post things on message boards, but feel inclined to do this, as I know there will be someone out there who understands what I am going through. 2004, cuhc like BPPV, no nausea not extra symptoms just the strongest bout of spinning vertigo I’ve ever had in my life. I had a bad car accident 5 years ago and since then, all sort of muscular and back problems have been popping out, once in a while. are you willing to spend a lot of time and energy potentially on a roller coaster of getting on and off various drugs if the first class and type doesn’t do it? Other medications that may be prescribed are steroids (e.g., prednisone), an antiviral drug (e.g., Acyclovir), or antibiotics (e.g., amoxicillin) if a middle ear infection is present. Because anxiety interferes with the balance compensation process, it is important to treat an anxiety disorder and/or depression as soon as possible to allow the brain to compensate for any vestibular damage.

HMM, all very interesting Ruth! Most of the patients we see with dizziness and vertigo have what we call pathological causes for their vertigo – there’s some disorder that’s underlying their symptom. It said that somewhere on the net. Of 11 patients who were evaluated by dedicated temporal bone MR imaging, CT, or both, LH was identified in 3 patients and LO was identified in another 3 patients. It does seem quite common. 2007 picture of impending doom and charges weeks. The affected nerves in the ear then send faulty messages to the brain, resulting in tinnitus.

…”I have also heard that labrynthitis occurs in epidemics. It said that somewhere on the net.”.. My fiance’s friend died from smoking k2! org; Natural remedies for tinnitus, hearing loss, tinnitus. Her gait was wide based and ataxic with a positive Romberg’s test. During that time, I developed a red inflammed eye, which after many eye hospital visits was diagnosed as uveitis/interstitial keratitis and treated with steroid creams and drops. He did however feel the brain fog that a lot of you speak about for a few months afterwards and intense fatigue and generally feeling out of it.

Vertigo is frequently caused by peripheral labyrinthine (inner ear) dysfunction. I mentioned to the gp at the time that someone who works very close to me was also experiencing the virus (as I thought of it then) but she said it wasn’t contagious. However, you should know that the ENG only tests a portion of your vestibular system, you can still have damage, but they can’t measure it as it’s inaccessable. August 21st, 2015. It only lasted about an hour, and as I mentioned before, the tinnitus was really loud during all of this and continues to be now. … Nausea and vomiting, Tinnitus, a very annoying ringing or roaring in one or both ears, and hearing loss, best appreciated when it occurs on one side as in listening to the telephone receiver with one ear and having trouble understanding speech, frequently accompany dizziness.

I heard that he came back but decided to work from home (translator). I am 22 years old, male. I can’t bend down or look up or move too fast! She was told by a naturopath that lately it seemed a lot of women between the age of 30 and 45 were getting dizziness problems. I still get all the symptoms, nausea, head-fog, fatigue, but you just have to cope. Hi all, Well, I’m 32. Interestingly my plans for my thirty second year didn’t include feeling like I had a terrine of soup in my brain and a LARGE CARROT STUCK IN EACH EAR!

Lastly, the eardrum cut is completely healed in 14 days. Strange that. Ruth, I meant to write a reply to your what to do about the anxiety/frustration mail, then realised I was so anxious and frustrated myself I didn’t have anything to say other then arghhhhhh!!! arghhhh!!! Which didn’t seem very helpful or constructive. Hi all…I have had exactly the same thoughts Ruth about the damaged nerve/s not being able to heal. My ENT also told me as you had heard, about the brain having to compensate.

My ENT told me if it was completely damaged, the mixed signals from one ear would shut off and we would rely on one ear only. Re: Vestibular Migraines I hope you have good luck with this medication. Description: The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) Information Clearinghouse, a service of NIDCD, is a national resource center for health information on hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, and language for health professionals, patients, and the public. Has anyone found that if they are high up or are driving where it is hilly, your ears pop more than they used to? I find that. I haven’t gone to an opthamologist however. BUT I think I will resume them again, they are just so tedious and make me feel horrendous!
Is this a labyrinthitis epidemic???? - Inner Ear Disorders Message Board

L’itis, I am told, is caused by the common cold virus so it must be contagious. Then, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic ear drops but I did not like it as it goes straight to my mouth(so bitter). Quite odd. I have just heard of three neighbors who have tinnitus, don’t know if its L’ or not. My own dizziness stopped some time ago, so I feel lucky in that regard, but as far as a fog is concerned, I really think it must be cream of mushroom soup in my head. You’ll thank yourself in 30 years when you can still hear the music you love!. My son (10 yrs old-I’m 41) has had odd anxiety spells and says he hears a high pitched tone, but insists he just tunes it out.

I hope it stays that way. I know I was extremely stressed when I got sick, I don’t know if that maybe lowered my immunity at that time. This virus just seems to like it in the inner ear. After a herpes outbreak, the virus crawls down into the nerve cells and hibernates, till something -usually stress- reactivates it. I think its called a retrovirus-which is what influenza is- it integrates its genes into the dna of the host cell. There seems to be a lot of that going around, cbBen. More common in females, MdDS symptoms include persistent and long-lasting sensations of motion (rocking, swaying, or bobbing); this perceived motion is associated with fatigue, imbalance, and impaired cognitive function.

I once heard an analogy made to 3rd avenue in Brooklyn. First it was a dirt path, then it was paved, now there are taxi’s, a bus line and of course the elevated train, along with bicycles etc. you get the picture. If thats a nerve using the train, and now the train is down, it has to learn to take a cab, or ride a bike etc. The structures are very robust, with lots of duplication. Sorry, head full of fog today, forgot to say – weirdly I think it is the ear that is causing you less trouble that is likely to be the damaged one. This is working on the principle that you actually feel less in an ear where the nerve is deadened in any way – if you see what I mean.

People who have 100% vestibular loss in an ear feel nothing at all when they have cold water poured in there. I don’t know if this is useful or not, but my friend with l’tis had an ENG after having it for a year. I did the grapefruit seed extract- got a liquid which was quite powerful- and the acidouphoulus. His ENG came up completely normal – no damage. The neuro otologist he saw said his dizzy probs would still undoubtedly have been caused by the intial l’tis virus and for some reason it takes people a long time to compensate for dizziness. Wish my ENT had told me that instead of frowning and telling me I should be much better by now. To be honest, I dunno, I only know his nerves weren’t damaged so it might be comforting to know that there’s a chance yours aren’t either.

Hi I am 22 and have also been suffering from what my ENT consultant says is Labyrinthitis since early January and its still with me, it causes me to feel nauseated all the time, which is why i find it difficult to eat alot. My blood pressure before Lab struck was normally about 123/65 with a resting heart rate of 68 BPM. So when i stumbled on this link i was intregued. Si, I must say it is odd that there are quite a few of us here form the UK! An epidemic indeed. Can you describe your symptoms Si? Have they lessened?

Hi The symptoms started shortly after xmas. Out of the blue on xmas eve i was throwing up for 2 days straight – must have been something i ate or caught a bug – or so i thought I did have a dizzy feeling although im not sure if it was severe enough to call it virtigo – but severe enough for me to throw up :-). Then i had a stretch of about 2 weeks feeling 100%. Then i started feeling sick again. I maybe had 1 spell of dizziness before it all began. For the first few weeks it was pretty bad to the point where all the time i felt that my ears were pressurised like when you are in an aeroplane which would not really bug me if it wasnt the nausea with it. I know nobody likes to be sick but i have a real phobia about it so for a while i believed this to still be a bug from xmas and would not allow my self to be physically sick.

I was prescribed buccastem which is like a stemitil in the form of a tablet to be disolved under the tongue and to begin with it allowed me to sleep but then the effect wore off and didnt help me. I also have severe TMJ, can barely open my mouth and some days it’s hard to distinguish between TMJ and H. I also suffered, and still do from time to time, from constant bloatedness even when i hadnt eaten anything making it difficult for me to eat anything without feeling sick. I am currently in my final year of my degree so i use the computer a lot and the room at uni has a lot of machinery and air con noises so i was beginning to think that it was an imbalance problem. Finally telling my quack he had to refer me to a specialist of some kind he first suggested that i see a gastroenterologist about my stomach problems but then as the week went on i was sure it was my ears. so i saw mr ENT man. Well I am very worried right now and I have a job at stake.

He did say that the stemitil that i was taking would lengthen the recovery process because the brain was trying to communicate with the ears as they used to and stemitil just confuses it and it has to start repairing again. I did an audiogram and that was all perfect which upset me in one way because when something like this goes on for so long you just expect them to say ah thats whats causing the problem, this will get rid of it. He said that my ears were not infected from lookin in them but my nose was heavily congested. So my quack recomended i take beconase nose spray morning and evening for a month to clear the congestion and hopefully reduce the swelling in the inner ear. Needless to say i went on a good day of manic depression and couldnt stop blubbering because i was so sick of it, i have my finals real soon and have a family wedding coming up that i want to be well for. As you know its so debilitating and its difficult to find people that understand the condition – especially family. I am seeking alternative treatment for IBS as i believe that the condition worsens or in some cases is brought on by stress which for me isnt helping my digestion and immune system.

1/Bloating 2/Nausea 3/Pressure in ears – although now its not nearly as bad as it was 4/Lack of sleep – which when it started i was shiverin every night even with 4 layers and a douvet – i didnt have a temperature but my cheeks were red. Unfortunately i still have restless nights. 5/Restricted bowel movements – though im not sure if this is because of my particular case of poor diet as a result or if it is actually related. (thats kinda why im putting it down to stress (IBS). I have to say that compared with early january i am feeling better – dont get me wrong its still with me and when i have an attack its bad but i manage to control it with meditation mostly at night or nibble at crackers durin the day. And the onset always starts with nausea. I’m currently looking into herbal treatments to lessen the nausea and i think the important think for me to do is get back into doing what i used to do – ive been sentenced to doing nothing by this condition and also by my mind that i think i have to retune my brain.

I have been told that lying down all the time is the worst thing to do because the ears will start sending information to the brain saying this is how they are going to repair themselves, so when you finally do get up and doing things – same thing happens again. I’m trying to be optimistic and i hope that the faith that i have that people have said it does go away will help me. And if i have to be honest, i am better than i was at the beginning of the year. Just certain things are still harder to cope with like, intensive time on the computer or the occasional driving. Hope this helps and i will definately keep you informed as to anything that works with me and I am delighted that i found this board, its fantastic and also comforts me that im not the only one going through this.