left side body numbness, headaches, anxiety… – Migraine – Headache

left side body numbness, headaches, anxiety... - Migraine - Headache

Hello all! These can be reported to the FDA here. I’m not sure what you mean by “anything wrong.” What diagnosis did your doctor give you? Within 5 minutes I my whole neck went tense and I became dizzy nauseous and developped a really stong headache mostly focused in my neck. url is I am not a doctor but other things could be involved like in my case severe neck arthrosis (you use different name in America) at left side. In addition to the pain management, sinus and allergy, internal diseases, infertility, sports injuries, Dr. Finally.
left side body numbness, headaches, anxiety... - Migraine - Headache

Any activity that does not pass the position of the head forward and establishes the cervical ligaments in an extended position causes the tapes to weaken over time. I had numbness on the left side of my face and slurred speech. It is not uncommon to wake up sleep poorly in their ears and headaches ring. It helped, maybe some of you who didn’t try should try. Dr said it was a virus. That eventually went away but not the headaches, I still get them throughout everyday. I’ve also developed this lasting stiff neck ever since the “virus”.

I am just hoping and praying with all my might that this is nothing and I can try and have a baby this year (without worrying about being in a wheelchair soon). I’ll add that when I saw the Dr for the virus he did do a ct scan and it came back ok. And I’m only 21 yrs old, never had head aches until about 6 mo ago. Other symptoms I get but not sure if they’re related are “shaky eyes” and ringing ears. I just want to know if this is all because of stress and anxiety, if its migraines, maybe a vitamin deficiency, or something serious like a tumor or ms or blood circulation??? any advice would be appreciated. I try not to Google things and scare myself but its hard.