Occupational Hearing Loss: 5 Jobs at Risk

Occupational Hearing Loss: 5 Jobs at Risk

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After he retired from the chamber, Ball became a senior vice president at Zions Bank, where he produced a daily radio segment, sponsored by Zions, called “Speaking on Business.” It featured a different small business in Utah each day. The passion burns hot nowadays, but it was an acquired taste in the beginning. Unsurprisingly, people at the highest risk for noise-induced hearing loss include employees in the construction and manufacturing fields. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals in the manufacturing sector account for 72 percent of recordable cases of occupational hearing loss. But you don’t have to be surrounded by jackhammers or machinery to put your hearing at risk. Below are five groups of workers that face a substantial risk of hearing loss, despite working jobs most of us don’t associate with dramatic noise. But the benefits will be worth it after you’ve made the adjustment.

Occupational Hearing Loss: 5 Jobs at Risk
Lincecum’s ERA has topped 4.00 each of the past four seasons. Unsurprisingly, music and P.E. teachers may face the biggest risk, although a 2007 study measured the average decibel level of all classrooms at an unhealthy 87 decibels. 3. Police officers: Hearing loss may seem like the least of a police officer’s on-the-job worries, but in fact, it is a serious and recognized problem. From discharging firearms to policing traffic or demonstrations, the noise demands on officers can be intense. Intense too, is the need to hear well in situations where split-second responses can save lives.

This has led some areas, such as New York City, to institute policies prohibiting officers who require hearing aids from serving. However, some fear such policies may backfire as officers choose to hide their loss rather than face an early retirement. The good news is, the tide seems to be turning as hearing technologies improve and stigma about hearing loss fades: In May, the city found in favor of four N.YP.D. When I plug my ears with earplugs, for example, it is the perceived loudness of sound. The specialist gave him a mega dose of Betaserc . 5. Vitamin B12 or folate deficiency anaemia can cause a wide range of symptoms.

Why take a prescription when you can take sublingual B-12 called methylcobalamin and get the same desired effects? Worse yet, many farmers begin working at young ages and may already be looking at more than a decade of cumulative hearing damage before the age of 30. . Because it can develop so gradually, many people with hearing loss may not even realize anything has changed. However, there are some tell-tale signs that often point to hearing loss. You may find yourself turning up the volume on the television, radio, or computer. You may have trouble understanding someone talking to you at close distance, particularly in places with background noise, such as a restaurant.

Some people will also experience tinnitus, a ringing in the ears linked to hearing loss. Getting a hearing evaluation from a qualified hearing care professional is the easiest way to find out if your hearing problems are serious. Call 1-855-748-1912 to schedule a free hearing evaluation at a local center this week.