Sinus and Dizziness Problems for over a year – Sinus Problems Message Board

Sinus and Dizziness Problems for over a year - Sinus Problems Message Board

Photos taken at maximum frown before and after treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) at day 7. Though it does not replace proper diagnosis and medical management but it helps as supportive treatment in faster recovery and reduces sleepless nights. It didn’t come out by itself and the pain and pressure was getting too much. I also occasionally use a Neti-Pot like device called NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit. You twist you neck to control the pressure of the water flow, and swap over to the other nostril halfway through. Much of the oily build-up includes harmful bacteria. Dr.

-My ENT (well actually the ENT covering him) said I have a slight deviated septum and signs of allergies in the nasal cavity. Atrophic rhinitis can be quite a problem and can vary greatly in its severity- from a little dryness, to foul smelling crusting and infection. There is little to no post nasal drip that I can detect. Please continue to check the site for updated information. Sinus rinsing is an important part of your post-operative care. Check out how … Alternate hot and cold compresses: Place a hot compress across your sinuses for three minutes, and then a cold compress for 30 seconds.

Repeat this procedure three times per treatment, two to six times a day. I also have a tendency to clench my teeth and sometimes grind my teeth at night. Vasomotor Rhinitis describes a nonallergic “hyperirritable nose” that feels congested, blocked, or wet. Nasal irrigation helps shrink the sinus membranes and thus increases drainage. – So I suspect. These symptoms have plagued me now for over a year and are severely impacting my day to day life. I have known several pilots with grommets and they didn’t seem to have any hearing problems, certainly they kept their Class I over many years.

If you are using the same substance thats causes an allergery or sinus infection then your body has to develop an antibody for that cause. I have been off the sinus/allergy meds for the same time frame. Going off the meds have not increased my symptoms which leads me to believe I don’t need to be on them. Before finding the cure, it is important to first understand the acid reflux. From his earliest days as an altar boy, Eagle Scout and later as a student at Jesuit High School in Dallas, Dr. During the examination, a CT scan of the sinuses may be ordered to determine the extent of blockage caused by chronic sinusitis. I had my first sinus infection in August last year.

Sandie you sound as nothing bothers you and if you would like to invite me for hols (free none working)to your beautiful lambs and farm I will not take any offence,bring the kids so much the better. I would like to ask anyone who may have been diagnosed with any type of inner ear issue as reason for vertigo etc to think about the possibility of Epstein-Barr being the culprit for the disabling fatigue that seems to accompany. Using a HEPA filter air purifier will also be beneficial. Like you i’ve tried everything – sinus rinses, acupuncture, massage, humidifier, etc etc etc. My ENT whose a balance specialist reckons i picked up a hard core virus that disrupted my balance system. If i drip even at 6mg i get all flush and woozy and i do get the ringing. Like you my pain stretches across one side of my sinus and feels like pressure all the way through to my ear.

Sorry I can’t offer much help although I have found cardio exercise has helped me a bit. Since beginning care not only can I move my head and neck more freely and the pain is much better but I am sleeping so much better, handling stress more effectively, my sinus congestion and headaches are significantly decreased. Sorry to hear about your misery. I am the person who posted about tea tree oil curing my fungal sinus infection. The only similarites in our symptoms was dizziness, so I am not sure if we had the same type of sinus issue. The SinuPulse Elite now comes supplied with a month’s supply of SinuAir. 2010 May-Jun:24(3) Assessing the risk of irrigation bottle and fluid contamination… In one study* patients with chronic rhinosinusitis were given a fresh bottle every two weeks to irrigate with.

I have heard that chiropractic adjustments can be successful at treating chronic sinus infections and If I hadn’t tried the tea tree oil, it was next on my list. Thanks for replying dreddk and nosila. Our support section includes an FAQ, and if there is anything else you need to know or are unsure about, you can give us a ring on 0844 504 9999, or use the Contact Us page to send us an email, and we’ll endevour to answer any question you may have. When I first started going to the chiro, I saw an instant difference in the pressure in my sinuses. Due to my symptoms increasing in severity, the relief does not last as long. However, exercising always relieves my symptoms for a short time. The steamroom at the gym is great.

The last CT Scan I had was at the end of Jan 07. It revealed that I had significant inflammation in my ethmoid and maxillary sinuses. I really want to give acupuncture a full run. I think it will take at least a few more treatments to really get mid-long term relief. I don’t want to mix western and eastern medicine. All the meds they had me on wasn’t doing anything for me. The ENT I was seeing before going for acupuncture wanted to add on to my already 3 medications a nebulizer.

It had an antibiotic, steroid, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory all in one. The crazy thing is that I mentioned to him on one visit about taking a culture of my sinuses and he waived it off, but yet he wanted to give me an anti-fungal in the nebulizer. He did not even know if I had a fungal infection and if I do, which one. Did the allergist suspect vasomotor rhinitus? Weather change inflammation and irritations as well as minimal response and effect from anti-histamines is a signature symptom of this condition. Basically it as allergy to pollutants and irritants.. not your normally of feasibly tested for allergens.

Cure? None. But there are some sinus surgeries that can give you relief. Bilateral Turboplasty is the least invasive and traumatic.. a full endoscopic sinus surgery with membrane reduction/removal and complete window insertion and passage widening is like the ultimate surgery. I have had them both. Bacterial infections also produce a thick, sticky mucus with pus in it, which is becoming a yellow or green.
Sinus and Dizziness Problems for over a year - Sinus Problems Message Board

no problem. And these are not all. The second.. well it wasn’t bad pain wise but not being able to bend over for a while sucked.. help out the old posture though. Sleep also seems to be sort of a “reset button”. My symptoms get worse as the day progresses and when I wake up they start off mild.

Sometimes I have stiffness in my jaw, but I am unsure if it is just residual from my other symptoms. I also have a tendency to clench my teeth and sometimes grind my teeth at night. I have never heard that rhyme before..sounds drug induced to me! There are over 80 different sleep disorders.. bruxism.. grinding of the teeth is normally a disorder that goes hand in hand with a few others. Why do I mention this?

Chronic sleep deprivation is linked with chronic sinus/respiratory funk. It is one of the first signs that a sleep disorder has developed. Snoring is not necessary.. If you know someone who is struggling with one of the conditions listed above or many of them…an Atlas misalignment could be the cause…get your spine and nerve system evaluated today….Breath of Life in Vista CA is a good place to start if you are in the San Diego County area. I would do a little research into sleep disorders. Many people get there sleep disorders fixed and it cures everything from acid reflux to high blood pressure. I was in the same boat and had a great ENT finally work me through to the optimum surgery.

In addition I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and insomnia. Needless to say, between my CPAP (sleep apnea air pressure regulating device) and my recent surgery in October. I am tonsil/adnoid free with fully roto rootered sinuses. Minimal headaches and no sinus infections. What do I do now? I still take Zyrtec for my allergies to everything living and various foods. However no more Nasonex or decongestant necessary.

Instead I use Simply saline nasal spray 2-4 times daily and an OTC (phamacy has to order it) Nasal oil “Ponaris” at night before sleeping. The ponaris oil is great and has started helping my husband. Who has yet to get a septoplasty and sinus surgery performed. Thanks mkgbrook for replying to my post. I never considered the sleep disorder route. I thought I always slept pretty deeply through the night. However, ever since my problems started, I always wake up tired and feel fatigued throughout the day.

Thanks again! I had similar problems years ago. They kept telling me oh you are dizzy because of your sinuses, there is nothing we can do except give you decongestants. Still, I remained dizzy even when I did not have a sinus infection. So I figured there was some other problem and I kept pushing the doctors for more tests. Turns out I had sever inner ear damage that may have been caused by a virus, which of course, could have seemed like a sinus infection at the time. Almost any sort of infection, especially if you get them frequently, can infect and damage the inner ear.

My rule of the thumb: if you are only dizzy while experiencing a sinus infection, it’s probably going to clear up on it’s own. If you are dizzy in between infections and while you have no other symptoms, then it’s probably an inner ear problem. Thanks loralei for replying! I have the dizziness during and between sinus infections. From the acupuncture I have been able to get a better hold on where my symptoms are really coming from. I have a lot of pressure in my ears and they keep “crackling” and I cannot pop them. I feel very off balance and it is making my head feel like it weighs 100lbs and it is screwing up my vision.

I made an appointment with a new ENT in my area for next week. Hopefully he’ll be able to help me. Loralei I forgot to ask in my last post, what type of tests did you have done to determine that you had damage to your inner ear and what did you do to correct that problem? Let pain be your guide, as the physios say. Originally Posted by Spoonybard Loralei I forgot to ask in my last post, what type of tests did you have done to determine that you had damage to your inner ear and what did you do to correct that problem? Thanks. You have to go see an otoneurologist or a neurotologist.

They have special tests for vestibular problems. They sit you down in a dark room with a chair in the middle and they spin the chair with a camera on your eyes. Your eye movements help indicate how you ears are damaged. They also put you on this surfboard type thing and change the background in front of it while the surfboard moves all around. I believe there were a few other tests, but I dont quite recall. I was so surprised to find this site since I have had the very same trouble since October! three or four dizzy spells – spacey, or like on a boat, and if I am lucky enough when I am able to get anything out of my nose it clears up.

I’ve had the test at the ENT for dizziness – I aborted it! I have tinnitus anyway – the ear w/the tinnitus was not much affected, but the good ear sent me whirling into “outer space” – I cannot tolerate anything like that at all. According to the ENT though, the information they got was that it did not appear like there was anything physically wrong. I have done a lot of research though on fungal infections, especially in the sinus and, as I am working in the middle of a field in a constructin job trailer, we have all kinds of stuff floating around and lots of us have gotten infections that don’t clear up easily. I am also candida-sensitive and have been on way too much sugar in all my foods – the the point of total yeast infections. According to a recent article from the Mayo Clinic, they’ve isolated over 40 fungi in their study on people with chronic sinusitis and no relief – Candida is one of them. I am now pursuing a completely organic and holistic herbal remedy and way of life – I’ve drank gallons of Pau d’ Arco tea (kills Candida and a host of other fungi), a pot of homemade chicken vegetable soup w/a huge bulb of garlic (fights bacteria), loads of spring water and in 2 days I am feeling better.

Ginger, astragulus root, Coenzyme q10 are my next steps along with 1000 mg of vitamin C. I am, once again, cutting out all prepared foods and going totally organic and leaving sugar – including simple carbs and hidden sugar – completely out of my diet so that the Candida cannot thrive and multiply very well. I see my doctor on Thursday – I’m asking him for a culture of what is in my nose/sinus before we go on to more tests, unless it is an MRI (I’m almost 60 and need, in my mind, to rule out any TIA activity or benign tumors, etc.) The MRI will show everything in my head once and for all. I hope you find this useful – I was sorry to hear of your problems, but feel lucky that I am not crazy after all – yours is exactly like mine.