And, because it’s safe, you can still wear that green-generating jewelry if you so desire. One of the iconic wardrobe accessories that stands the test of time is 14K gold hoop earrings. My mother passed away after I was born. The stud earring gives an illusion that the pearl floats on the earlobe because the point of connection is not visible. My family members are merchants. My house was next to the church so I did many activities at the church. The creation of a pearl is remarkably simple to understand, but fairly complex to create.

Wear clear crystal for a sleek look, or punch it up with a hint of color. There I was a secretarial major at the Convert of the Holy Infant Jesus School, where I studied for three years. Then I worked as a buyer at a foreign trading agency until 1992 when an enamel company asked me to work in their marketing department. I thought it was a good opportunity so I worked there for three years before I quit to get married. “My hobby is origami, folding papers into many shapes. While friction back posts and nuts may be preferable for diamonds of smaller carat weights, you might prefer screw back or La Poussette back earrings for diamonds of larger carat weight. These backings are cheap and very easy to use, but again without due care they are at risk from getting lost as are your precious earrings.

While I was pregnant, I spent all of my time doing origami. It made me get better and appreciate art. One should assume that all metal jewelry has some amount of nickel in it unless it made of stainless (surgical) steel, is either 18- or 24 carat gold, is sterling silver, or pure platinum. They are H and OAT. I quit working again when I had the twins and devoted all my time to them. Gwen Sawchuk, Citizen from the back of beyondWritten 116w agoStick with the sort of accessories that are shown. I wanted to have my own small business so I looked for products at the big Bangkok market.

But they also may be bent as wall. The feedback was great, so I decided to design my own jewelry in 2004. L. A pearl necklaces, rather than a pearl pendant, is typified by being ‘fixed’ in place. So I bought a book about making jewelry and the processes. Soldiers will not wear lenses or frames that are so large or so small that they detract from the appearance of the uniform. It was so hard before I finished and it took me long time to make the first piece.

All too often, I’ve seen brides head for trends, rather than expressing their true style. Don’t apply tea tree oil directly to your piercing; always dilute it in sea salt solution, or just add a drop to a cotton ball that’s been saturated with an aftercare spray like Recovery. You can use a thicker sealant which you paint on, but for this type of shape I find it easiest to just use a liquid sealant to make sure all areas are covered. “I have faith and believe in God, and I want to look after my three children so they grow up to be good people. I also want to make jewelry. At present, I live with my husband and our children, and I do my jewelry by myself. This is to make the men look more fearsome in battle and women so ugly that the other tribes wouldn’t want to steal them.

Longer and slender fingers can easily sport wide bands and princess or round diamond cuts. This style aligns several gems in a row. This can be helpful in getting earrings to sit straight on certain types of earlobes. And one more good memory is when I sold a necklace I named ‘Green Silk Curtain’ to my first customer. It was the first necklace I designed and crafted by hand. “Now I am able to offer work to more than 30 women in my community, both on permanent and temporary basis. Some of these women were single when they started working with me, and now they have children so I let them take home some of the work and pay them extra.

They seem happy with the way we work together, and that’s the main reason for staying with me at the workshop. “They are very skilled women who help me shape flowers, assemble the complicated designs, etc. white gold has always been the metal of choice as it allows the jeweler to be more creative and create more intricate designs. The women that join on temporary basis normally come here and then take the work home. For some of them, this is their main source of income and for others it’s a way to earn a little bit extra to their usual jobs. Most women with round faces should avoid dangling circular discs as these can make the face look wider. She enjoys the work and we are happy to have her as part of our group of women working together to make each piece special.

“I’ve always been interested in handicrafts. When I saw handmade jewelry, it piqued my interest. Now, I feel happy when I touch the material – I find inspiration to create new works. “To create my jewelry, I like to sit in the middle of the materials – colorful stones and pearls in many shapes. My inspiration tells me what kind of design to create or what kind of material to use. Nature is a reference for my designs.