Tension myositis syndrome (abbreviated TMS) is a name given by Dr. John E. Sarno to

Tension myositis syndrome (abbreviated TMS) is a name given by Dr. John E. Sarno to

Treato does not review third-party posts for accuracy of any kind, including for medical diagnosis or treatments, or events in general. Today I decided to skip my morning dose and maybe go cold turkey. Have you ever woken up out of a dead, dreamless sleep with a panic attack? I have wind, bloating, dizziness, fast heart rate, floaters, tinnitus, light headed feeling, shaking, nausea. My vision has worsened a lot, even though my eyes can still see “very well”. I live a healthful lifestyle. I don’t smoke or drink.

Well folks this is as good as it gets. We will do our best to update the site if we are made aware of any malfunctioning or misapplication of these algorithms. Visual Snow is a syndrome for its own. 1. I see television like static over my whole visual field, 24/7, since I’m 14. For example, my chest feels tighter on the left side in comparison to the right side. The strands cast shadows on the retina, causing floaters.

2. so this actually helps me a little. Like many different layers of floaters. In this issue of the Journal, Wagle and associates9 present fascinating new information concerning the utility value of floaters, as expressed by patients. I visited EVERY eye doctor and neurologist here in Germany and they found nothing, nothing nothing. Would really appreciate some help, I think they are going to chuck me in the funny farm at this rate if I keep going back to the doctors. Nothing made it better.

Tension myositis syndrome (abbreviated TMS) is a name given by Dr. John E. Sarno to
Some years ago I found others in the net, they always had an odyssey of doctor visits behind them, and nobody had a clue what it could be. The lesions have not changed in 5 months and nothing alarming to note with the gadolinium. There are many users on here with very similiar symptoms. I find out, that the muscles beyond my eyebrows, beyond my jaw, and around my ear and all over my neck are extremely painful to press, on my neck I have stone-hard knots all over it and so I think that this heavy tensions in head/neck created a oxygen deprivation in my eyes which creates these symptoms, along with mild tinnitus, acne (is gone, but few flare ups now and then), sensitive teeth, headaches sometimes. When I noticed floaters, I FOCUSED on my vision and now I see more and more weird stuff. I have it for so long now, it’s really not distracting anymore, I don’t really see it. Accessed Nov.

After I became the visual snow my main thought was death, I don’t know exactly why I was SO afraid, but I was constantly thinking about dying. I avoided eye-contact at all times, preferring to look down at the floor like an abused child. My lesions could have been caused by drugs and absolutely not related to any demyelinating disease! But as soon as I lost my anxiety and accepted the diagnosis, that there was really nothing wrong I lost my anxiety and sooner or later now ‘strange’ diseases crawled in my life, always without anything structural. The TMS diagnosis and treatment protocol are not accepted by the mainstream medical community because they don’t comply with the standards of evidence-based medicine. It’s very important that they know that you’re there to lend them an ear, and that you aren’t going to judge them or change the way you think/feel about them based on anything they say – even if they say the same fear over and over and over and over again (because for many, the fears and thoughts are nearly exactly the same each time). Available: Herbert, J.D.

From a neuropsychiatric viewpoint, Sarno’s notion of TMS is modelled after Sigmund Freud’s doctrine of conversion, a defence mechanism whereby emotional stress is repressed and “converted” into physical symptoms (Freud and Breuer, 1895). However, in migraine with aura, stress just acts as trigger or precipitating factor, not as cause. Migraine is not a psychological or psychiatric disease but one which results from biological and physiological alterations. Therefore, Sarno’s interpretation of migraine aura in terms of a conversion disorder, and its expansion to include persistent aura, have to be rejected from a neuropsychiatric point of view. Moreover, as Sarno has included lack of known physical cause among the diagnostic criteria of TMS, the making of this diagnosis to explain either transitory or persistent migraine aura phenomena can be rejected on the grounds of Sarno’s own diagnostic criteria, as the neurological disorder migraine with aura has to be considered as a known physical cause which is an exclusion criterion for TMS. Whne they were more little I had a hard time with discipline, I was screaming too much, loosing my control, I did not know how to have authority without screaming when they did not do what was asked… If symptoms persist, seek professional medical attention.

And the fact is, it isn’t going away. This means you don’t check out on them on the walls, or in the sky. Mind Over Back Pain. Berkley Trade 1982. Sarno JE. Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. Grand Central Publishing 1991.

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