The Beacon Hill Comes Home

The Beacon Hill Comes Home

I woke up this morning, looked around my house, and thought: “Yuck.” It’s a mess in here. I don’t remember falling on my knee, but something tells me the hardwood floor in my apartment is the culprit. Oh, you’re moving away. You can only see small parts of it by looking in through the windows. I’m sure if I went looking for him right now, I’d find him nestled up on it. But let’s talk about something else, shall we? You no longer have to go door to door or fax something or wait and wonder if your enveloped resume made it in the mail.

Are you kidding me?? I am a visual learner, so I’ve been unable to grasp what NYC looks like from the online maps I’ve been trying to navigate. Then I got out a ruler and made a little box. We began with a safety lesson. So it’s not like I abandoned my hobby altogether. Le sigh. We’ve all got that one pet in our memory that it was the worst to lose.

Same with Jin. I left her there on the bookshelf behind the television and stared at her for a week. Over time, I’ll find little doodads to add to it. Smaller projects will come and go, but I will always be working on the big house. I ordered a used copy of Art Deco by Victor Arwas from the Amazon Marketplace. She does NOT have a blog, web site, shop, etc., but she DOES take orders via email. I’m going to pull out the old table from under the futon in the guest room and set it all up.
The Beacon Hill Comes Home

And you know where I’m going to put it? So I picked out a couple of bras, tried them on, and scoffed as Dorothy looked at the one I chose and said, “That’s a Mom Bra.” As in our mother. It’s only been 11 years since 9/11, but I watched a documentary that showed a mangled firetruck being lowered into the 9/11 Memorial Museum on television last year. Through doing this, I’ve realized that I’m Not Alone in this realm, which has been extremely helpful. So what to do on NYE 2015 while I was all alone feeling sorry for myself? Hmmm…. I drooled on myself a bit.

I’ve been searching for a while for a sofa to get the ball rolling. Something like that. I started talking about bringing this house to Farmhouse Villa in January. That was a looooong time ago. Where does the time go? It will be a little tricky to have the house out in public because of Miss Gretchen. And even though I’m an Alpha, I wanted him to burn the crap.

And she’ll most likely feel the need to move herself in. But with time, she’ll grow bored of it and go back to mousies and paper bags. Over the years, I’ve also made a bunch of quick, little houses or 1:144 builds — many of the Betterley Secret Books because I lurve them. I’m excited. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve worked on that house. Now, I’ve had a lot of hit-or-miss learning time to figure out dollhousing. The ringing in my ears was so loud I could barely hear the diesel truck that was running outside!

I think it’s actually good that I’ve had some practice, so the big house will turn out even better. I envision a morning where I wake up and wonder if my ticker has stopped ticking because I can’t hear it. And now when I get snowed in this winter, I’ll always have Something To Do.