Thyroid Disorder: Alternative Health Group

Thyroid Disorder: Alternative Health Group

The thyroid is a tiny gland in the neck that can sometimes make too much or too little of various hormones, causing a host of problems. I’ve I had no extra symptoms, nothing profound, that is, aside from my ordinary hypo symptoms of exhaustion, hair loss, weight gain, etc. Usage of the website does not substitute professional medical advice. My point is, I think you should have started on a lower dose, I hate taking meds, I am frightened of what they do, so I even cut mine in half to 5mg for a week before even going up to 10 and then when I came off them I did the same. There are a lot of free resources there for interpreting lab results. My doc prescribes thyroid meds by symptom alleviation for me, which is a life saver, but I also monitor my heart rate and blood pressure regularly to make sure I’m not becoming hyperthyroid. Women have been urged to increase their calcium intake to maintain strong bones, but a study from New Zealand also sounded a warning (British Medical Journal, Feb.

The researchers point out that the overtreatment may be due to inadequate monitoring of thyroid hormone levels, as well as physicians prescribing the drug to treat symptoms that aren’t actually due to hypothyroidism. I thought maybe I have ‘subclinical’ hypothyroidism’ which many specialists don’t believe exists, but I’ve found this adrenal forum and wonder if it’s been my adrenals all along? If I’m perfectly honest I feel for those with horrible loud tinnitus because I know it is devastating and I know that the only remedy is how you think about your tinnitus. Puffiness along the jaw line and around the eyes are other telltale signs. Not everyone with brittle nails suffers from a sluggish thyroid gland. I could not take the synthroid at the same time because I was also told to take synthroid ONLY with water, and plenty of it, just like aspirin. T-3 is the active Thyroid hormone and when it is found to be low, we must supplement with T-3 Reverse T-3 is the anti Thyroid hormone and when it is found to be high, T-3 must be supplemented.

Thyroid Disorder: Alternative Health Group
Have not had a definitive diagnosis yet (read my post Test Results HELP! Being a life-long “foodie” and omnivore, it has been tough for me to restrict my diet so much, but the health benefits are undeniable. T-4 can be compounded by a pharmacist into any quantity that is needed. A combination of T-3 and T-4, can be compounded by a pharmacist into any quantity that is needed. To date, human proteins that resemble gliadin include transglutaminase (in muscle, liver, many other tissues), synapsin (in nervous tissue), and calreticulin (ubiquitous). If your test results find you are not converting T-4 to T-3 very well, then You can also have the prescription filled at a compounding pharmacy for Cytomel which is a natural bio-identical T-3. Always discuss every medicine you take or are considering, with your physician.

Your doctor needs this information and in the case of Thyroid disease, it is especially critical. The reason is that one substance might offset or enhance the effectiveness of another and at the very least, your doctor may want to alter the dosages of your medication or supplements. Selenium aids in the conversion of T4 to T3. Thyroid disorder affects the immune system directly. Byron Hyde, the leading Canadian researcher in this field, reports that glucose and TSH tests reveal that up to half of ME patients develop thyroid problems (Proceedings of the Second World Congress on CFS and Related Disorders, Brussels, September 1999, p 60). Eat well, exercise regularly, take your vitamins daily, in addition to the other medication and supplements you need and you should be able to greatly improve or even eliminate this disorder. It only happens on one side.

Get a glass thermometer, not digital (the digital ones stop reading after a minute or two and are not as accurate). Non-mercury glass thermometers are now commercially available at Walgreen’s and other pharmacies (if you have trouble locating a mercury thermometer). Sometimes it’s not the actual nutrients or herbs that they’re reacting to, but the fillers in the supplements. Go to sleep without an extraneous heat source such as a bed partner (spouse, dog, etc), an electric blanket or on a waterbed (they are heated). You are allowed to wear pajamas and use as many blankets as you desire, as they do not throw off the test. Going back ten years to university days, my schizophrenic friend who also had goiter, used to hallucinate insects and snakes crawling all over the floor. Women who still have periods should take their temperature over the first 3 days of their period and average the numbers.

Women who have had a hysterectomy but still have at least one ovary will probably want to test over a period of 14 days and use the 3 days with the lowest readings. Men and postmenopausal women can test for any 3 days and average.