What’s at Stake in the Supreme Court Obamacare Case

What's at Stake in the Supreme Court Obamacare Case

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What's at Stake in the Supreme Court Obamacare Case

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Soon thereafter, Strachey (1918) described her negatively as overweening and manipulative in his words, Eminent Victorians. Beginning most importantly with E. LaTasha Perry is at the other end of her career. She’s 31 and works at the front desk of a community health center in Plaquemine, La. She got covered under Obamacare because it was cheaper than paying the penalty. The Affordable Care Act says insurers can’t take into account whether somebody is sick, like they used to. That made insurance unavailable or unaffordable for many sick people.

And now — with subsidies — Dalton says he pays $149 a month. He hopes the Supreme Court doesn’t touch the subsidies. Regardless of the politics, there are a lot of people like Dalton who could feel that the Supreme Court would be taking something away. Goldstein of SCOTUSblog says the court has a tough job.